WordPress has celebrated its 18th birthday these days. The first version of WordPress was a simple and limited blogging tool, and today it runs over 40 percent of the entire Internet. WordPress first appeared on May 27, 2003, as a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little who wanted to create a quality and accessible […]

This article shows how to eliminate writer’s block by using the full power of your mind. These methods are especially helpful for creative writing. However, they can be applied to any type of writing. Writer’s block This is the condition where a normally productive writer becomes stymied for no apparent reason. Writer’s block can be […]

Anyone who regularly reads newspapers, papers, and goes online usually read several articles. These facts can be used in many different ways. Some articles are written purely for information purposes were others are used to market websites and goods. Understanding how to write a great article can be difficult even if you are a seasoned […]