Google has created an interactive CSS course – join for free

Google launched the website in 2018 as an interactive platform for learning and training developers with well-rounded skills.

Google has released a new free interactive CSS course.

As they themselves wrote, this “evergreen” CSS course breaks down the complex aspects of CSS in a bright way, and aims to create well-rounded developers, because CSS is a skill that should be mastered by both frontend and full-stack developers.

The course contains 25 interactive modules that cover things like box, flexbox, cascade, grid and z-index, functions, gradients, etc.

Each module initially contains a short audio episode in the form of a podcast, where two programmers explain some of the basic concepts related to the topic being covered. Audio commentary is accompanied by textual explanations with code examples.

Each module has a series of interactive exercises, where the entered code, as well as changes, can be displayed immediately.

In addition, each module has links to additional resources where more information can be found, and some modules at the end have a short quiz question where you can check the acquired knowledge.

Google launched the site in 2018 as an interactive platform for learning programming and creating effective websites, and the emergence of CSS among courses is a significant addition.

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